Loan Buy Sell Trade on Almost Anything of Value

                       Below are some of items we can help you with. We take much more. Call with any Questions about what we deal in.

             Gold Jewelry-Silver Jewelry-Diamonds- Precious Stones- Gold and Silver Coins-Graded Coins-Watches

Pistols-Rifles-Shotguns-Ammo and Accessories-Bows-All types of Knives

                                                     All Types of Tools

Electric and Acoustic Guitars-Amps-Keyboards-Band Instruments and More


    Laptops-Tablets-Game Systems-Video Games-Cameras-Blue Tooth Speakers-TVs Blu-Rays-DVDs


About Loans

Loans are 60 day with a 30 day grace period.
By paying interest and fees during grace period you get 60 day renewals.
Renewals every 60 days can be done as many times as you need.